SEA CLIFF - Four people were arrested this week in an alleged Long Island Rail Road ticket machine scam.

According to police, the suspects used hidden cameras and skimmer devices to target riders who used debit cards on LIRR ticket vending machines. The skimmer would record debit and credit information, and the camera would record people punching in their PIN.

The suspects allegedly placed devices in six locations: Great Neck, Greenvale, Garden City, Chappaqua, Sea Cliff and Bayside. Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice says the suspects stole thousands of debit and credit card account numbers.

An LIRR customer discovered a camera in Bayside and turned it in to a ticket agent. The ticket agent notified MTA police on Oct. 18. The discovery spurred authorities to check all 279 ticket machines in the Long Island Rail Road system.

Valer Zaharia, 38, and his wife Teodora Zaharia, 27, were arrested at the Sea Cliff station Monday. Police arrested Niculae Petre, 45, and Dorin Husa, 37, Tuesday at an apartment in Elmhurst. They each face a slew of charges and face up to seven years in prison.

Police say the four are all Romanian nationals, with three of them here on visas and one of them being undocumented.