ROSLYN - Three sick children traveled halfway around the world from Russia in search of a medical miracle, and they found it in Roslyn at St. Francis Hospital.

Doctors yesterday performed heart surgery on 3-year-old Liza, 12-year-old Tatyana and 16-year-old Mikhail, all of whom came from a remote city in Russia 4,600 miles away. All three surgeries were made possible by the Great Neck-based organization Gift of Life.

The three unrelated children had holes in their hearts and doctors say without the surgery, they could not have led long lives.

According to doctors, so far, all three kids are recovering extremely well. If all goes according to plan, they'll head back home to Russia sometime next week.

The kids say even though they'll be far away, there will always be a place in their hearts for St. Francis Hospital.

The Gift of Life program was started in 1975. Since then, the group set up operations for more than 12,000 children from 70 different countries.