FIRE ISLAND - Three men were rescued from a rip current in the waters off the Fire Island Shore Friday afternoon.

Police say it began when a 62-year-old man found himself stuck in the current. Two bystanders went into the water to try to save the man, but found themselves caught in the current as well.

Two Marine Bureau officers and an off-duty lifeguard were able to save the three men buy using a life presever and a rope.

"It was hard to get over there, they were just stuck and suspended in one spot," says Suffolk Officer Charles Giardella. "There was no way to get to the shore. You needed a little extra manpower."

The Suffolk Marine Bureau advises swimmers to only go in the water when there are lifeguards on duty. Anyone who gets stuck in a rip current is advised to keep calm and to swim parallel to the beach to avoid being pulled further out.