WOODBURY - Police have arrested three suspects who they say killed two men at a Woodbury condominium owned by a former New York Jets player.

As News 12 Long Island reported in March 2009, two African immigrants were found dead after allegedly meeting with the suspects at the condo of former Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma.

Investigators say Vilma was not home at the time and was not involved in the crime, but his cousin Jovany Henrius had access to the condo.

Officials at the Nassau County District Attorney's Office say they believe Henrius and his two accomplices, Kevin McLeod and Andre Dickinson, were scammed by the victims in a scheme involving fake bills.

Authorities say less than two hours after a shot was heard coming from Vilma's condo, two men were seen dumping a body off the Paerdegat Basin Bridge in Brooklyn. When police arrived on the scene, they found one victim in the waters beneath the bridge.

That man was later identified as Sekou Sakor. The body of the second victim, Ansou Keita, was found dumped on a deserted street in Queens hours later.

McLeod and Henrius have been arraigned on murder and kidnapping charges. They are being held on $1 million bail and both are due back in court in June. It remains unknown when Dickenson is expected to be arraigned.