YAPHANK - Three men are facing charges after police used battering rams to storm a Yaphank home today that housed a sophisticated marijuana-growing operation.

Suffolk County sheriff's deputies and officers with the U.S. Marshals Service raided the home on Horseblock Road near Yaphank Avenue today. Authorities say both of the home's two bedrooms had been turned into temperature-controlled marijuana growing rooms, complete with automatic feeding, watering and ventilation systems.

Deputies say it was a medium-sized operation that appears to have been active for quite some time. They say they recovered more than 2 pounds of packaged marijuana that was ready to be sold on the streets.

Neighbors say the men in the house were quiet, but they add that they frequently detected the odor of marijuana on the block.

The sheriff's office says the three men who were arrested at the home today are being charged with criminal possession of marijuana in the first degree. They add that more charges could be pending.