FLANDERS - Three East End hamlets are at odds over a plan to create a new garbage district.

Councilman Brad Bender is proposing a three-year pilot trash pickup program in the three Southampton hamlets in Flanders, Northampton and Riverside. The program would target household garbage, discarded mattresses and old appliances. It would cost about $25 a month, added to each property owner’s tax bill.

Those opposed to the plan say they would rather do it themselves or hire their own carter to remove their trash.

Currently, disposing of garbage in Southampton is 'do it yourself' with Southampton Town green bags costing $14.50 for five. Hiring a private carter costs about $40 a month.

Ron Fisher, of Flanders, argues the cost of curbside pickup is unfair, especially for summer-only residents.

"I like having a choice in who I hire to perform services around my home,” said Fisher. “I do not favor tax increases. I don't think the government can do a better job of providing garbage service than the private carters."

Property owners in Flanders, Riverside and Northampton will get to vote on the plan. No date has been set for that vote.

A community meeting on the issue is scheduled for Monday night.