SELDEN - Three people were arrested following an hourslong standoff in Selden Thursday, and police are investigating if the suspects are linked to a violent home invasion in Farmingville.

Authorities say gunmen broke into and ransacked a home on Chestnut Avenue, terrorizing a family of three. Neighbors say the family owns a jewelry store.

The homeowner told News 12 that one of the men put a gun in his face, saying they were after jewelry and cash.

After the gunmen fled their house, the family drove to the fire station to report the crime.

Minutes later, a few miles away in Selden, armed gunmen barricaded themselves in a house with a woman and a 2-year-old child inside. They held police at bay until 7 a.m., when SWAT police entered and rescued the hostages.

Suffolk Police Commissioner Tim Sini says officers found two suspects hiding in a crawl space.

A total of three suspects were eventually removed from the house and arrested. The homeowner said there was a fourth gunmen that was not in custody.

Sini said that the incident remains an "active investigation."

Suffolk police did not confirm that the two crime scenes were related.