RIVERHEAD - Officials are investigating the second major fish kill in the Peconic River in just two weeks.

Residents say thousands of dead bunker fish are floating in the water in Riverhead. Some residents suspect the Riverhead sewage treatment plant could be to blame.

However, Riverhead officials believe bluefish are chasing bunker fish up the river, where there is not enough oxygen for them to breathe.

Residents say that town officials have told them that the dead fish are on private property, where the town cannot trespass to remove the fish. Some residents have even resorted to bagging the dead fish themselves.

After receiving dozens of calls from concerned residents, Supervisor Sean Walter says the town will hire a professional fisherman to remove the dead fish using giant nets. Walter says the cleanup will begin Wednesday and is expected to cost up to $20,000.

He hopes the town can get financial help from the state to pay for the fish removal.