FARMINGVILLE - Police say two teens who were pulled by rescue workers from a cesspool in Farmingville last night have died.

Officials say the incident happened at around 8 p.m. in the backyard of the home at 438 Blue Point Rd. They say the teens didn't know that the concrete slab they were moving was a cesspool cap. The teens wanted to use the concrete cover as the base of a campfire.

Police say Eduardo Vanegas-Fuentes, 16, lost his footing and fell into the 16-foot-deep cesspool. Edgar Calderon-Castro, 19, had jumped in after his friend to rescue him.

Members of the Farmingville Fire Department pulled the teens out of the hole. Rescue workers say they used a 12-foot pole with metal hooks and a roof ladder to get them out.

Samuel Suarez, 17, who lives at the home, says he tried but was unable to help his two friends. Suarez says he dialed 911 while Calderon-Castro made a desperate rescue attempt.

"I was going to jump in too, but Edgar jumped in first," he says. "I dropped them a hose to give to them, but they both passed out."

Both teens were unconscious when they were pulled out of the hole. They died just hours apart this morning at Stony Brook University Medical Center.2 men pulled from cesspool in Farmingville