RIVERHEAD - Two Riverhead High School football players have been suspended after mimicking Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow's on-the-field prayer ritual. Senior Tyler Carroll and his twin brother, Connor, got in trouble for leading their friends in prayer by getting down on one knee in the hallways."We started it on Monday, and by the time Wednesday came, 30-40 kids were joining us," Tyler Carroll says. "It really snowballed from there." In a statement, Riverhead School Superintendent Nancy Carney says while she encourages students to look up to role models, the Carroll brothers and their friends were blocking the hallways and creating a safety hazard. School officials claim the brothers had already been warned, something Tyler Carroll denies. The twins have been suspended, and the other students who took part in "Tebowing" have been given a warning.Connor Carroll served his in-school suspension today. His brother will serve his punishment Monday.