WOODBURY - Two sanitation workers in Nassau County say they have been harassed on the job and have filed a lawsuit claiming they were denied promotions because they did not help the GOP.

Robert Nicosia and Larry Coleman say they have been abused and threatened at work as sanitation workers with the Town Of Hempstead.

Nicosia filed a lawsuit against Sanitation District 6, claiming party politics are playing into promotions. Nicosia says that since he stopped helping the Republican party, he has been passed up for promotions.

Shortly after filing the suit, Nicosia says fellow workers began harassing him in retaliation. His lawyer, Jonathan Tand, says those co-workers would call him a rat, place pictures of rats in his locker and even once tried to run him over with a garbage truck.

Coleman, a 10-year sanitation employee, says he was also pressured to do work for the Republicans to advance in his job. He says he resigned last April after receiving a death threat.

Nicosia is adding a charge of retaliation to his lawsuit, and Coleman is also suing the Town of Hempstead for discrimination.

Brian Sokoloff, the attorney for Sanitation District 6, says the lawsuits have no merit, but both sanitation workers say they are ready for a court battle.

A spokesman for the Town of Hempstead tells News 12, "The town does not comment on matters of pending litigation other than to say the suit is without merit."

Nicosia and Coleman's lawyer says they have not yet determined the amount of money for which they will be suing.