MONTGOMERY - Two oil tanker cars derailed in Montgomery on Monday.

The incident happened around 3:20 p.m. near 168 Ward St.  

News 12 has learned that overturned tanks did not contain anything hazardous, and there is no danger to residents.

One tank was carrying a salt solution used to pre-treat highways, and the other was carrying a plastic compound. In total, both cars were carrying nearly 44,000 gallons of chemicals.

It is unclear how the two tankers overturned. Each tank is said to weigh 300,000 pounds when completely filled.

Police say the train was traveling at 8 mph when the derailment happened. It did not hold up traffic because it was the only train using the track, which ends in Walden.

The train was 11 cars long in total, and two remain in Montgomery. News 12 has learned that the tanks may not be cleaned up until Tuesday because there is no immediate threat to the public and it is not affecting traffic.

Police say the train was from the Middletown, New Jersey, line and leased from Norfolk Southern.