GLEN COVE - A strong storm that whipped across Long Island this afternoon wreaked havoc on a popular park in Glen Cove. Trees were snapped like twigs and an 80-year-old gazebo crumbled to the ground in Morgan Park. Four people had sought shelter under the old gazebo, a popular spot for concerts and gatherings. One person suffered a back injury and was hospitalized. Witnesses say the winds felt like they belonged to a hurricane. The storm ripped through in a matter of minutes, leaving branches and debris littered in its wake. The park is closed to the public until further notice. Town officials have pledged to rebuild the broken gazebo.

In a separate incident, a woman in Glen Cove was hospitalized after a tree fell on the car she was in. News 12 LI Weather CenterNews 12 Traffic & Weather LIVELI Dual DopplerLIPA Outage Information