LYNBROOK - Following a somber procession, two steel beams from the World Trade Center reached their final resting place in Lynbrook today.

The journey made by the two 20-foot beams started six weeks ago at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, and today, the artifacts from the Twin Towers were escorted to the Sept. 11 memorial park in Lynbrook by 22 former and current firefighters known as the New York Fire Riders.

Firefighter Cecil Maloney says it's important to remember every life lost. Lynbrook officials who organized the project agree, saying that the two beams are important to the village, which lost 19 people and one dog in the attacks.

"We finally have a finished memorial for all of the people that came from Lynbrook and died," says Mayor Bill Endrick.

The completed memorial and a reflection area will be dedicated Sept. 11, 2012.