WOODBURY - Two baby ospreys were killed and another was severely injured in a freak accident in Bayville.

The trio of birds were in a nest atop a pole on Bayville Avenue that a car crashed into Wednesday night. The impact knocked the nest to the ground. One of the ospreys died at the scene, the other overnight.

Jim Jones, a volunteer with the Wildlife Center in Lattingtown, rushed to the scene after Bayville firefighters called him for assistance.

The Wildlife Center is now working on saving the lone survivor, which is only about a month old. It suffered a severe fracture in the upper bone of its wing.

While the baby osprey recovers, Jones says the birds' parents are flying in the area over the pole, looking for their young.

Wildlife Center staff members say they are feeding the osprey fish and giving it plenty of love and care. Once healed, they hope the bird will be able to reunite with its parents.

It is expected to take a couple of weeks for the bird's wing to heal.