FARMINGVILLE - A sting operation in Farmingville netted two suspects who police say were planning to rob the condominium of alleged heroin dealer Lonnie Walker.

Suffolk officials say an undercover detective got word of the violent robbery plot and managed to thwart it, arresting 26-year-old Joshua Whitfield and 24-year-old Seyquan Patron, both convicted felons.

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota says the detective first talked the suspects into putting their .357 Magnum revolver in the trunk until they got to Walker's condominium. Then he took Whitfield to a nearby Stop & Shop to buy latex gloves.

Inside Walker's condo, detectives say there were two large bags of marijuana, piles of cash and 140 decks of packaged heroin. However, Whitfield and Patron never had the chance to get their hands on any of it because police were waiting for them at the entrance to the complex.

The duo is now facing a slew of charges. Walker was arrested a few days later and charged with drug possession.