BLUE POINT - Police say two suspects are under arrest after a wild police pursuit that began at a Blue Point Dunkin Donuts and ended in an accident in Eastport. The hour-long, 15-mile chase began after an off-duty officer heard the screams of a Dunkin' Donuts employee during an attempted robbery. The chase ended after the SUV flipped over on County Road 51 in Eastport. Dunkin' Donuts surveillance footage shows a suspect threatening an employee with a box cutter, while his alleged accomplice, a woman, waits in a car. When an off-duty officer heard Dunkin' Donuts employee Karen Ravi screaming, he intervened, and the male suspect fled. Police say the co-defendant who waited in the parking lot, 22-year-old Kerry Crosby, was arrested at the scene. Police say they picked up the other suspect's trail on Route 112 near a Medford KFC and chased him along Sunrise Highway. At one point, officers put stop sticks down to puncture his car tires. Police say the suspect, later identified as 23-year-old Craig Cherney, drove on the wrong side of County Road 51 in Eastport before crashing. Both suspects now face robbery and other felony charges. Cherney is still hospitalized. He and his alleged accomplice will be arraigned in criminal court tomorrow.