FREEPORT - An argument between two brothers erupted in gunfire on a Freeport street Saturday morning.

Police responded to the scene after shots were fired in the area of South Main Street and West Merrick Road.

Witnesses tell News 12 that one brother was in a second-floor apartment above a Rainbow clothing shop, while the second brother was on the sidewalk below. The man in the building, identified as Eric Torres, allegedly fired several shots out of the window down onto the street.

The man who was on the sidewalk, Marcell Torres, was not injured, but one bullet grazed a passing Nassau County ambulance.

The SWAT team was called in, and Eric Torres was holed up inside his apartment for an hour before he was eventually arrested, police say. Marcell Torres was also arrested for an open warrant.

During the tense situation, police told business owners in the area to lock their doors. Shopkeepers and customers alike stayed indoors while the situation unfolded. Several blocks in the area were closed off as well.

No one was injured.