WOODBURY - Experts say summer 2016 may bring a big wave of cicadas to Long Island.

A variety of the big bugs, known for a mating call that is sometimes synonymous with summer, but that many Long Islanders say is just creepy, are expected to re-emerge this year.

Black cicadas appear more frequently, but a different variety, known as Brood V, come around about once every 17 years.

The Brood V bugs have red eyes and orange veins in their wings.

But despite their exotic look, arborist Evan Dackow says there's no need to fear these emerging insects — they don't bite. They're not even harmful to humans, pets or trees.

"They have a sole purpose," Dackow says. "The males come out to breed. The females breed. They lay their eggs. And then they die."

That's why their signature sound is so loud, Dackow says. Time is of the essence.

In fact Dackow says they'll only be around for about eight weeks. If they arrive on Long Island at all, it will only be in Wildwood State Park in Wading River.  

After that, they won't be back for around 17 years.