DEER PARK - Over a dozen people were rushed to the hospital today after being overcome by fumes at a pool in Deer Park. Fire officials say they were called to treat a young child who was in respiratory distress after inhaling the fumes at the Saf-T-Swim facility on Grand Boulevard. Hazmat teams also arrived on the scene to investigate the fumes. Officials say in total 13 people, including two children, were affected by the chemical. No other injuries were reported. The owner of Saf-T-Swim says most of the people who inhaled the fumes were his employees, but they were since treated and released.

It remains unknown what may have caused the concentration of chlorine to build up at the pool, but Deer Park Assistant Fire Chief Richard Incandela says they were able to quickly remedy the situation by ventilating the building.The pool portion of the Saf-T-Swim facility will remain closed until technicians determine the cause of the fume buildup.