SOUTHOLD - Police removed a 12-year-old boy from Southold Junior Senior High School after a mother claimed he had a "kill list" that included her son's name. Laura Pace has kept her son Noah home for the past two days, after Noah allegedly discovered a new student's list of people he wanted to kill. Noah says he invited a new student to sit at his lunch table but saw that the 12-year-old boy had a list of 20 fellow students that he wanted to kill.Noah, whose name was on the list, says it included drawings of how the student planned to kill his classmates. "He said he was going to chase me out of the house and have me run onto a rake with a knife on the end, and it was going to stab me in the head," Noah says.Police confirm that a student was removed for medical evaluation. Meanwhile, all the school officials will say is that they are investigating the matter. Pace says she's bothered that no one notified her or the parents of the other children on the list. "Every parent who had a child on that list should be aware," she says. "Actually, the district parents should be aware that something of this gravity had happened."