GORDON HEIGHTS - Residents in Gordon Heights are outraged after finding out that 10 convicted sex offenders were living under one roof in their neighborhood.

Although there is a law preventing more than two registered sex offenders from living in the same house, this isn't the first time an incident like this has happened.

Just two weeks ago, another house on Country Road in Medford was found to have been housing nine sex offenders.  Since then, all but two have moved out.

Residents say they're unnerved by the situation and want to know who is at fault and why it keeps happening. However, they say the only answer they get from the Town of Brookhaven is finger pointing.

The bottom line, says Laura Ahearn, of Parents for Megans Law, is that something in the system isn't working and kids are being put in danger.

Community demands answers over sex offenders in Medford