Norm Dvoskin

Norm Dvoskin Norm Dvoskin Meteorologist

Norm Dvoskin has many years' experience as a meteorologist and media personality. His unique style of mixing weather humor with precise forecasts has been extremely popular with the viewers. He has been with News 12 Long Island since its inception in December 1986. In all this time, his forecasts have always been right about one thing - there's some kind of weather every day.

His credentials include a Master's Degree in Meteorology from New York University, the Seal of Approval for Television Weathercasting and past President of the Long Island/NYC branch of the American Meteorological Society. Norm feels he was a born meteorologist. He says, "The first words in my vocabulary were possibly, probably and unusual." He has written a book "Partly to Mostly Funny, The Ultimate Weather Joke Book" and has provided weather humor to the Farmer's Almanac. In 1992 he wrote an article published in the Long Island Historical Journal entitled “A Weathercaster’s Survey of Long Island’s Climate and Historic Storms.” In 1990 he retired from the Grumman Corporation, where he spent 30 years in the Advanced Systems Department.

Norm claims, "Even though we have access to sophisticated technology, weather forecasting is not an exact science. Many TV forecasters spend too much time looking at their computers instead of out the window. Our accuracy at News 12 Long Island is extremely good because we concentrate on and understand Long Island weather." When he's not at News 12, Norm can be found on the tennis courts of Long Island hitting forehands and backhands and he has a passion for Afro-Cuban and Salsa music.

Norm lives in Melville, has three children and two grandchildren. He has one goal, to resolve the issue of whether hail is the size of golf balls or ping pong balls.