Danielle Campbell

Danielle Campbell is the daytime co-anchor and reporter for News 12 Long Island.

Anchor of the News 12 Long Island daytime show and a busy mother of four, Danielle Campbell started her career with a bang working for WNBC Radio in Manhattan.

It was there she truly learned the business by working with big time radio celebrities Howard Stern and Don Imus. After surviving the wrath of Howard and Imus, Danielle decided to focus her career on journalism.

As a radio reporter Danielle worked at almost every radio station on Long Island and reported for 4 years on 1010WINS in Manhattan as their Long Island Correspondent.

Danielle has been on the scene of many breaking and big time Long Island stories including the Fisher-Buttafuco episode, the Avianca and TWA plane crashes, major murder trials including the Golub and Tankleff case and the Katie Beers kidnapping.

Danielle is no stranger to hurricanes, snow storms and wild fires, during which she has reported live from the scene around the clock. She is also called into the News 12 Long Island studios to anchor during breaking Long Island news, most recently September 11th.

As a reporter and anchor, Danielle has proven to Long Island listeners and viewers alike that she is a competent and thorough journalist with a heart. As one of the hosts on News 12 Long Island's morning show, Danielle get to use her journalistic skills and also find time to have a bit of fun as well!

Born and raised on Long Island, Danielle is deeply concerned about the issues that face Long Islanders and feels truly blessed to be able to work and live here.