Roslyn Heights man says he almost died after months of vaping THC

A Long Island man says he almost died after months of vaping THC.
Jonathan Doneson, from Roslyn Heights, says he was suffering from night sweats, high fevers and a bad cough before finally being diagnosed with double pneumonia and hospitalized at North Shore University Hospital.
"I thought the Grim Reaper was laying in the bed next to me to be honest with you. I thought I was done," says the 52-year-old. 
Dr. Mina Makaryus, of North Shore University Hospital, says he thinks they should screen for vaping in the social history that they obtain on all patients, like they do for tobacco, alcohol and drug use.
Northwell Health says it has seen about a dozen vaping-related cases across its hospital network. Stony Brook has had two confirmed cases and three other possible incidents. 
NYU Winthrop Hospital also reported two cases recently. 
Nationwide, the CDC is investigating 450 cases across 33 states, plus six deaths,  that experts believe are related to vaping.
President Donald Trump said Wednesday that his administration is looking to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes because of the vaping crisis.  
The New York State Vapor Association claims the officials are targeting the wrong product. It says the items people are buying on the black market is what's causing health problems.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order requiring school districts to begin incorporating vaping awareness programs into their curriculums on Thursday. The order also mandates e-cigarette prevention be included in state employee training.