'Low-risk' high school sports can resume in New York next month

About six months after the pandemic wiped out the spring high school season, it could be game on again next month for some fall sports.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that low-risk sports such as field hockey, soccer, tennis, swimming, golf and cross-country can resume practice Sept. 21 and then play games.
The state's athletic association has to approve safety guidelines that schools will have to meet to protect its athletes. Tom Combs, who oversees Suffolk high school sports, says he could see some districts simply bowing out.
"There's a financial burden -- it's a burden that a district may not be willing to take," says Combs. "We'll have to look at the insurance aspect of this."
And with many districts turning to remote learning, transportation issues are also on the docket to be addressed.
The governor says higher risk sports like football and volleyball can practice starting Sept. 21, but will not be able to play games yet.