Long Beach's 3rd acting city manager in 2 years steps down

The revolving door of city managers in Long Beach is continuing to spin with the current acting city manager announcing he will depart from the role.
John Mirando will become the third acting city manager in two years to step aside. Last year, Mirando replaced Rob Agostisi, who replaced Michael Tangney, who replaced the city's last permanent manager, Jack Schnirman.
Mirando is not leaving city government entirely -- he will continue in his role as Long Beach's public works commissioner.
Former Long Beach School Board President Roy Lester says it is inexcusable that the city is still without a permanent city manager years after Schnirman was elected to a countywide office.
"We knew that Jack was leaving almost three years ago, and three years is certainly enough time to find a city manager," says Lester.
Earlier this year, Long Beach City Council welcomed three new members. The board has said it's now looking at the possibility of taking some authority away from the city manager position and putting it in the hands of elected officials.
Lester says making such changes could also make it more difficult to find a permanent city manager.
"It might make it a little tougher, but it's important that the board is doing this now before they hire somebody," says Lester. "You can't hire a CEO and say, 'Hey, you have limited powers.'"
One of City Council's newest members, Elizabeth Treston, says she expects a resolution on the issue "in short order."
The uncertainty in City Hall lingers while Long Beach remains under investigation for six-figures worth of payouts that were made to current and former employees.