LI lawmaker proposes bill that would ban dousing police with water

Videos showing police officers being doused with water has outraged many, and now lawmakers are looking to make the penalties much tougher on the suspects.
In the latest incident, a man squirted water from a water bottle on two NYPD traffic enforcement officers in Queens.
Earlier this month, officers were drenched as they were trying to make an arrest in Harlem. Now, state lawmakers from Long Island and the city are saying enough is enough.
"It is a sad day in the history of New York state when we have to legislate civility," said Assemblyman Michael LiPetri.
On the steps of City Hall, LiPetri said he, along with a Staten Island assemblyman, are proposing a bill that would make it a class E felony to engage in these types of behavior against law enforcement.
LiPetri points to Mayor Bill de Blasio for spreading what he calls anti-police rhetoric.
"Gone are the days of peaceful protest. We have individuals literally drenching on-duty police officers during on-duty patrols," LiPetri said.
Lawmakers say the crime would be known as menacing a police officer. It would prohibit people from throwing or spraying water or any other substance on an on-duty police officer or peace officer.
News 12 reached out to de Blasio's office but has not heard back.