Kings Park woman creates app to help people with special needs make friends

A Kings Park woman inspired by her younger brother has developed an app to help people with special needs make friends.
The app is called Making Authentic Friendships and helps connect people ages 13 and older around the world.
"We have 30 states, 12 countries, five continents," said Fetherman.
Juliana Fetherman was inspired by her brother, Michael Andrew Fetherman. She launched the app in late August.
Michael Andrew Fetherman is 21 years old and has autism and ADHD. Juliana Fetherman says he's lonely, so that's why she created the app.
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Juliana Fetherman says it right now is a web app. She hopes to develop it into an Apple and Android app in the next few months, with added social skills activities and internet safety tips.