Islip to add parking meters on Main Street

Free street parking in downtown Islip may come to an end.
The Town of Islip is planning to install parking meters along Main Street -- and more at the Islip, Great River, Oakdale and Sayville Long Island Rail Road stations.
The town has previously installed meters along Main Street in Bay Shore and at the marina there. Officials say the move has helped manage parking in the busy areas by keeping away motorists who park all day long in front of businesses. 
On the other hand, some residents say they're skeptical about having to pay to park while they run in and out of stores in downtown Islip when there is so little parking to begin with.
Officials say there will still be free parking in the area. Only about 38 percent of the total spots available will get meters.
Currently, parking is free on Main Street in Islip but limited to just an hour. The meters would be placed on the street's busiest locations in a bid to discourage residents and employees of nearby businesses from parking for hours at a time in prime spaces.
"Now they are bringing in meters like that is an easy fix," says Frank Polizzi Altamira, a local business owner. "It's not an easy fix, because you will get resentment from the community."
Town officials say the Bay Shore meters have been working.
"There is plenty of parking during the course of the day and at night," says Councilman John Cochrane. "Give it a chance to mature, and see how it works."