HEMPSTEAD - The Village of Hempstead says it is working to prevent fatal fires like the one that claimed the life of a mother and her 8-year-old son on Feb. 9.

Officials say the fatalities could have been prevented if the building’s owner had installed a new fire alarm system.

Nassau County Fire Marshall Michael Uttaro says that Dorchester LLC, which manages the building and 10 others in the village, had dragged its feet on installing the fire alarms.

The Hempstead Building Department says that the building also had a long history of building violations, including a fire code violation dated Jan. 2011. Paperwork shows that repairs were made only after a summons was issued.

Hempstead Village Mayor Wayne Hall says he is ordering a review of fire codes and regulations on apartment buildings in the village. He says he's also creating an advocacy commission to make it easier for tenants to anonymously report building violations.