ALBANY - With a week left before state legislators depart for their summer break, it appears that one major aspect of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's 10-point women's rights bill will fall flat on the Senate floor - abortion.

While there is agreement on nine of the issues, which include topics such as equality in the workplace, there is virtually no chance of an abortion provision being approved.

The governor proposed broadening the state's abortion laws to reflect those of federal law and despite this, the state Senate has said from day one that the provision will not pass.

This sentiment comes as a disappointment to the people who have been rallying on behalf of the bill every day in the capital, including some Long Islanders who made the trip upstate.

During his news conference, Gov. Cuomo was critical of state senators who say they will not even let the abortion issue to the floor for a vote.

"You're pro-choice or pro-life," Cuomo said. "I respect either, but stand up and say what you are."

A senior administration official says Cuomo and legislative leaders have struck a deal to allow separate votes on the bills.