Gov. Cuomo: COVID-19 testing to be expanded to independent pharmacies around NY state

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday that COVID-19 testing will be expanded to the state's nearly 5,000 independent pharmacies.
He says he signed an executive order allowing independent pharmacies to collect samples from people who think they may be infected.
Larger drug stores affiliated with chains have been conducting their own testing. Cuomo says that this will increase the state's testing capacity.
The governor says the state will also expand eligibility for testing, starting with those on the front lines of the pandemic including health care workers, first responders, and essential employees.
"You have to take care of your first responders first, because if we get sick, and we're not able to get out, there's nobody around that's able to go out," says Chief Al Williams with the Levittown Fire Department.
With an ultimate goal of reopening the economy, officials say widespread testing will play a major role.
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