Freeport residents weigh in on what comes next for ex-site of National Guard Armory

Freeport residents weighed in Wednesday on what should be done with the former site of the National Guard Armory.
The longtime fight to get the state to turn over the vacant armory in Freeport is over after state lawmakers passed a bill last year transferring ownership of the site to the Village of Freeport.
Before the village decides how to use the building, the City Council and Mayor Robert Kennedy listened to the public at a meeting Wednesday night.
"We're going to take the input from all of the residents, from the businesses and all of our superintendents from all the departments, so let's see what's the best thing for the village, what's the best thing for the residents and then we'll make a decision in the near future," says Kennedy.
There have been many ideas floating around on what to do with the 3-acre property, including a community center, public housing or a new home for the village's Public Works Department.
Some residents like Norma Rivera who live close to the armory say anything is better than nothing. Others are hoping property values won't go down.
While the ideas varied, an unpopular choice was the DPW. The mayor and some City Council members agreed.
The village is still continuing to seek suggestions from residents about the property.