HUNTINGTON - A Ziegfield Follies star from the Roaring 20s had a secret oasis in Huntington.

Fanny Brice and her husband Nick Arnstein moved into a farmhouse in the Halesite section of Huntington in 1917. “She took one look at it and she wasn’t thrilled because it was just a simple Long Island farmhouse,” says current home owner Lynn Pezold.

Brice spent a lot of money, almost three times what the home cost, to renovate the house. Some of those renovations included accordion glass doors, closets and a widened staircase.

During her time at the home from 1917 to 1946, Brice loved to entertain, often inviting many famous guests to her home.

“She was known for having good poker games and good sandwiches,” says Pezold.

Pezold says her favorite story about Brice was the time there was a fire during a get-together, and after the firefighters put out the flames, they stayed for the party.

Brice had two children and often spent her summers in the Halesite home. Barbara Streisand’s Broadway show, “Funny Girl,” is based on Brice’s life. The play was turned into a movie in 1968.