Chickweed: Edible - high in iron and calcium, hardy, remedies for eye infections;

Clover: The flowers are edible and used to make a tea, or eat in salads. Sweet flavor;

Dandelion: All parts are used for food and medicine. Excellent for cleansing the liver;

Lambsquarters: Also called wild spinach;

Purslane: A succulent with crunchy leaves. Great to add to salads.

Plantain: Can grow anywhere. Edible and used for healing cuts and wounds;

Sorrel: Often grows in lawns, sweet and sour lemony flavor;

Onion Grass: Both the bulb and the grass like leaves are edible;

Witch Hazel: This is a tree. The bark is used for skin remedies;

Burdock: The root can be eaten raw or cooked, used in stews and soups, cleansing for the liver, good for skin problems and the immune system;

Mullein: Tall stalks with yellow flowers. Flowers and leaves used for respiratory and ear remedies;

Yarrow: White or pink flowers, lacey leaves, grows in sunny fields. Leaf and flowers used to stop bleeding.