What's in your water?

Long Island's drinking water is under siege from a variety of chemicals and toxins we use every day. Beginning Monday, Sept. 23 in the 5 p.m. show, News 12 Long Island brings you an in depth investigation on Long Island's most valuable resource and what is polluting it.

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Series at a glance:

Toxic TrailsUnderground “plumes” of groundwater tainted with industrial chemicals are silently spreading a few feet a day---threatening public water wells all over the Island. What’s being done to keep your tap water safe? What’s the plan for dealing with the contamination, and how much will it impact your water bills?

Tuesday Sept. 24
How Much is too Much?Trace amounts of dozens of pesticides have been detected in Long Island’s groundwater. Is there any danger to consumers? Should certain pesticides be restricted or banned?

Wednesday, Sept. 25
Burden on the BaysEnvironmentalists warn Long Island’s bays, harbors, streams and lakes are slowly dying. And the source of the problem is very close to home---in fact, it could be in your backyard.

Thursday, Sept. 26
Cancer on the Block - Does groundwater contamination have anything to do with cancer cases?

Friday, Sept. 27
Going with the Flow -  What you can do at home to help protect Long Island’s drinking water supply

What’s in the Water Live 1-hour Special
Experts answer your questions about the state of Long Island’s drinking water. A one-hour interactive special report from Newsday headquarters in Melville, hosted by News 12 Long Island’s Stone Grissom.  Click on the link above or check out the replay of the special this Sunday at 6:30 p.m.