WOODBURY - Today's March into Spring segment is all about making crafts with the kids.

News 12 Long Island's Elizabeth Hashagen learned how to make easy and inexpensive crafts with Anne Caminiti from MomeeFriends.

Gingerbread houses are not only for the winter holidays. You can use them to make homes for Marshmallow PEEPS!

Keep the birds close to your house by building them a feeder and home with a milk carton and soda bottle.

Make your own fuzzy friend with pantyhose, dirt and grass seeds.

For a fun flower pot, use a two-liter soda bottle, add eyes and use the cap as the nose.

A sensory tray, filled with different shapes, is a great way to help stimulate your kids' senses.

Take a look at all the crafts you can create with your kids by clicking on the videos to the left!