ROSLYN HEIGHTS - Summer is fast approaching and many are racing to fit into their bathing suits. In this five-part series, News 12 Long Island’s Stephanie Barish shows us how to Shape-Up for Summer.

Think some spin classes are boring? Not at SoulCycle in Roslyn Heights. After participants rent special cycling shoes at the front desk, they head into a dark room soley lit by candles and strap in for a wild ride.

“We do it to censor ourselves; to shut the outside world out,” says instructor Ayana Curtis.

Some say SoulCycle is more like a cardio party on a bike. “We have a ball in here. We dance, we have fun,” says Curtis.

According to Curtis, the classes also involve strength training, including an arm series. She adds that people can burn anywhere between 300 to 700 calories a class.

Besides the Roslyn Heights location, SoulCycle has locations in Bridgehampton and East Hampton.