WOODBURY - Shape up for Summer!!! Don’t be a couch potato! Get your beach body ready with News 12 Long Island. Join Stephanie Barish as she hits Long Island's hottest gyms and tries the latest work outs.  All this week beginning at 5:00 a.m.!

Monday, June 10 - SoulCycle
Want cardio and a party?  Join Stephanie Barish and News 12, to get in on the action of this fun workout! By the end, you might be sweating yourself!
SoulCycle website

Tuesday, June 11 - Pilates Absession
Try one of the hottest new workout crazes,pilates. The workout will not only give you a toned tummy, but will train your mind and body as well. This workout will tone your glutes, hamstrings and abs.
Pilates Absession website

Wednesday, June 12 - Primal Moves
It’s time to move like our ancestors. This new workout uses muscles and joints you never knew you had.
Primal Strength New York website
Primal Strength on Facebook

Thursday, June 13 - Kickboxing
Join Stephanie, as she kicks out her frustration and gets a good workout at the same time! Get your arms and legs in shape with this action-packed workout.
Total Body Shaping website

Friday, June 14 - Personal Training/At Home Workouts
Don’t have the time to hit the gym? All you need is two water bottles and a sofa! These summer workouts are sure to give you that great summer body, without the high gym bills. 
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At Home Workout Routine

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