FREEPORT - Superstorm Sandy victims say they are still waiting for money they desperately need to rebuild their storm-damaged homes.

The NY Rising program oversees about $1 billion in federal funds allocated for Long Island homeowners who suffered Sandy damage.

So far, News 12 could only confirm six Sandy victims who have received funding from the program.

Freeport resident Michelle Mittleman was told that an additional 2,000 checks were being mailed out this weekend, but the funds will only reimburse people who laid out money, many of whom have already rebuilt.

"There are no checks still for people who are already suffering the most, people like us, who are homeless 14 months post-Sandy, " says Mittleman.

Jon Kaiman, who runs the NY Rising program, says there is a lot of red tape because it’s federal money.

News 12 asked Kaiman and the governor's office about how many checks are being sent out this weekend and when everyone else could expect money, but have not heard back yet.