LONG BEACH - Sandy victims still waiting to repair their homes rallied Thursday night where Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was visiting to announce a new loan program.

Schneiderman was on the Island Thursday night to talk about the new program. He says homeowners will be able to obtain loans this fall of up to $40,000 to pay down delinquent home loans and avoid foreclosure.

Sandy victims showed up to his appearance with protest signs and demanded to know where their money was for rebuilding their homes almost two years after the storm. Residents say they want to know why the state can find money for a new program to stop foreclosures while they are still waiting on money to rebuild their homes.

Jon Kaiman, of New York Rising, says he understands their frustration, but the program has to follow the rules the Department of Housing and Urban Development set for sending money out. Kaiman says 7,000 checks have been issued so far and more will be going out in the coming weeks.