LONG BEACH - It’s been almost a year since Hurricane Sandy. While some in Long Beach have been able to rebuild, others are still waiting for the chance to move forward.

News 12 Long Island visited Pennsylvania Avenue in Long Beach to see how homeowners are doing.

“As many houses are being fixed – there’s that many houses that haven’t been touched,” says Tommy Bibari.

Although Bibari is among the lucky residents to be out of a hotel and back in his home, he didn’t expect Long Beach to look this way a full year later.

“I really didn't believe it would take as long as it has,” he says.

Sam Kinsley lives down the street from Bibari. Construction is underway on a new home, but it’s been a struggle. Insurance and federal grants have fallen short so far, and they’ve already sunk their 401k accounts into construction.

“At this point we've given them everything we have,” she says.

Not everyone on the block has been able to move forward, like Mike Young, who lives across the street from Kinsley. Young and his family have not been able to rebuild as no federal grants have come through. Weeds now creep up the side of his house, overtaking his son’s old play area.

“This is not the way you should look at your house,” he says. “My intention was to have a good life and raise my kids here. Not this. This is just ridiculous.”

Last week, the government started to let homeowners know how much federal grant money they are eligible for. Homeowners impacted by Sandy can still apply for aid.