FREEPORT - A Freeport couple still in the process of rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy was dealt a devastating blow last night.

Billy Riedman says his home on Sportsman Avenue collapsed at around midnight. The home had been on cinder blocks since August, and Riedman says a concrete company was supposed to pour the foundation this morning.

Riedman and his fiancée, Michelle Weinstein, were sitting on the deck last night celebrating the next step of the rebuilding process when it happened.

The couple says they put their entire savings into rebuilding their home, and Riedman did a lot of the work himself. He got some money from FEMA, but it was not even close to the amount that was needed to rebuild.

No one was injured in the house collapse. It's still unclear what caused it.

The pair is pushing off their wedding plans as they cope with their latest setback.