LONG BEACH - Many Nassau residents have spent the past year repairing their homes and rebuilding their lives after Superstorm Sandy devastated the area.

Storm victims continue to deal with insurance companies, bank loans and red tape a full year after Sandy struck.

Today, Kiera Falcone's new modular home was lifted up by crane and put in place on Nebraska Street in Long Beach. But just down the block, closer to the ocean, is evidence that there are still hurdles to overcome. Andrew Tsistinas, of Long Beach, says his modular home is ready, but he says National Grid and LIPA told him that they can't get his gas and electric back on for another seven weeks.

However, National Grid says crews will be at Tsistinas' home tomorrow. Officials say he should have his gas back tomorrow and that electric will follow.

Residents who lived through Sandy say memories of the storm are still fresh in their minds.