MELVILLE - A rally today called for FEMA funds to help Sandy victims still out of their homes for the holidays three years after the superstorm.

The rally was in front of Sen. Charles Schumer's office in Melville.

As News 12 has reported, thousands of homeowners have sued FEMA claiming they never got the money they were entitled to. Many Sandy victims say government contractors deliberately changed engineering reports so that the agency could underpay insurance claims or avoid paying at all. 

FEMA has agreed to reopen some claims and investigate cases of fraud.

A spokesman for the senator issued a statement, saying “Schumer has worked with Sandy victims to root out and expose fraud and manipulation of the flood insurance system. These efforts forced FEMA to revamp their process, establish a program to re-review claims and ensure that additional payments are made to those who were unjustly denied the dollars they deserved. Senator Schumer believes that FEMA must do a much better job of promptly reviewing and fairly paying Sandy flood insurance claims and he will keep the agency’s feet to the fire until they get this job done – and done right—for everyone.”