LONG BEACH - The head of NY Rising says Sandy victims still waiting for federal aid money should be getting checks soon so they can rebuild their homes.

Jon Kaiman, the head of NY Rising, says about $98 million in aid has been given out to homeowners. However, most of the money has gone to reimburse people who have already rebuilt their homes, while there are many Sandy-damaged houses waiting to start repairs.

Kaiman says NY Rising is now working on getting money to people waiting to rebuild, but that it has to get approval for the money from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Kaiman says he hopes people will be able to start receiving money in the coming weeks.

“NY Rising is treating everyone the same,” said Kaiman. “We're prepared to get that money out…There are different types of verifications that need to take place from HUD's standpoint.”

A HUD spokesperson says it wants to get money out as quickly as possible, but there are legal and environmental requirements.

The spokesperson did not elaborate on what those requirements include.