BAYVILLE - More than 100 residents in Bayville applied for New York Rising funds to raise their homes, but were told they missed the April deadline.

The residents were looking to raise their homes above the 100-year floodplain. New York Rising will only help two homeowners who it says applied before the deadline.

"There's no mechanism to open up the program now because it closed and we've now moved on to other programs," says Jon Kaiman, of New York Rising.

Mayor Paul Rupp says that decision by New York Rising isn't fair. He says Gov. Andrew Cuomo said after the April deadline that $300 million would be available to bring vulnerable homes above the historic flood level - even if they didn't suffer Sandy damage.

"The deadline wasn't well publicized or advertised," adds Rupp.

The governor's office and New York Rising told News 12 Long Island that there are other programs available to Bayville residents. Residents can also ask for help from the Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA.