Thousands of homes destroyed...weeks in the dark and cold...long gas lines: What lessons have been learned from Hurricane Sandy? Will things be different when future storms strike?

All this week News 12 Long Island explores what needs to be done to prepare for The Next Big One!

Monday, July 29 – Part One: Is LIPA prepared?
What has changed in the infrastructure , if anything since Sandy? What will be done differently in the next hurricane to ensure ratepayers aren’t left in the dark.

Tuesday, July 30 – Part Two:  Panic at the Pump
Has anything been done since Sandy to guarantee the Island’s gas supply won’t be jeopardized in the next hurricane?  What lessons did we learn and what will be done differently?

Wednesday, July 31 – Part Three: Protecting Long Island’s coast
How can we shore up the coastlines? What are people doing differently to prepare for the next big one? We see what people are doing to batten down the hatches and be more prepared next time around.

Thursday, August 1 – Part Four: Fire Island Inlet Breach
At a spot called Old Inlet, a physical reminder of Sandy remains: a channel, now 856-feet wide, through which seawater pours into the Great South Bay.  The question being debated by local residents, scientists, environmentalists and government officials is what to do about it: leave the gap as it is for the time being and see what happens, or close it up?

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