LONG BEACH - Superstorm Sandy victims on Long Island should soon see more funds to rebuild.

John Kaiman, who oversees New York Rising's Long Island program, says there is about half a billion dollars available for Long Island homeowners, but he has to make sure the money is being properly spent.

"The answer is that it's a lengthy process to make sure the money is being spent correctly, consistently with law - federal law, state law, local law," Kaiman says.

Starting this week, Kaiman says New York Rising is sending out letters to homeowners to let them know exactly how much money they've been approved for. In some cases, it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Homeowners can appeal if they aren't satisfied with the money that they're being awarded.

Kaiman says about 4,000 Long Islanders have applied for the program so far. Eligible homeowners are still able to apply.